For almost two decades now, we have been delivering best-of-breed enterprise security solutions. Products we sell are used by several Fortune 100 companies, including global telecommunication, financial and government organizations. With a strong focus on network security, we develop flexible solutions in the fields of perimeter defense, server protection, API and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security.


We are a leading developer of proxy-based gateway technologies

A specialized security gateway exclusively for protecting API-endpoints. A highly flexible API security solution that helps your enterprise gain control over the application traffic to prevent API breaches.

A highly flexible, multipurpose network security suite which can granularly control network traffic to protect your enterprise from advanced threats. Thanks to its customizability, your organization can implement ANY security policy, including the Zero Trust model.

Reduce the stress and worry with your privileged accounts. This innovative privileged access management solution gives your organization a secure way to store, manage, authenticate, record, audit and analyze privileged access.


The Balasys Professional Services team helps you design, deploy and customize Balasys, One Identity and Quest solutions. Beyond the delivery of our own developed solutions, we are the largest solution provider of One Identity in the CEE region. From simple integrations to more complex projects, we offer a full range of services to ensure smooth deployment, from the initial project scoping to post-integration support.





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